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Nature's Appeal™

It is a unique, patented odor neutralizer and vapor absorber, designed to eliminate odor problems. Nature's Appeal consists of a semi-solid evaporate gel with activated charcoal that lasts long periods of time (three to six months) and is environmentally friendly. When placed in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, it soaks up odors circulated within a building confines and air ducts.


Nature’s Appeal was used in the World Trade Towers (after the bombing) to remove acrid smoke smell. Nature's Appeal has been used in Amtrak trains to control occupancy and cigarette smoke and smell. Lerner Shops used this product to control formaldehyde garment fumes until the fabric finishing process changed. The insurance-loss field (U.S. and Canada) uses Nature's Appeal after fires, floods and disasters. Numerous hotels and motels use Nature's Appeal for tobacco smoking areas.


Nature's Appeal resolves air pollution by gaseous deadsorption of mal-odors from surface areas — rooms, walls, air ducts, etc. It does not support the growth of germs, or allow germination of mold/mildew spores, eliminating slime problems. Nature's Appeal is the first choice to offer immediate relief, without expensive, time-consuming add-on mechanical or air-balancing procedures. Nature's Appeal is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

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